Eco Built Systems is a manufacturer of modular sustainable structures, green houses and aquaponics systems.  We specialize in producing modular designs for affordability, efficiency, disaster resistance, and rapid assembly.  Our proprietary products are made of high performance green building materials, derived from as many natural, renewable resources providing essential needs for everyday living.






We have developed our pyramid structures with the same proportions as the Great Pyramid of Giza. The design uses specially made ladder trusses to create strong tension to hold up the expanded walls. Stainless steel hub connectors are used to connect the light gauged steel pipes to the wall panels.

Appearing as a symbol of the Ancient World, Pyramids are one of the most notable and ancient structures ever to be built throughout history. In the modern world we can utilize this unique structure for their energy efficient qualities and air flow dynamics.



We have developed a geodesic dome that allows for fast building and precision panel placement. Stainless steel hub connectors are used to connect the light gauged steel pipes to the triangle panels.

Housing options can be made using magnesium oxide panels or honeycomb boards. These structures are prefabricated using 100% non-toxic building materials and are designed for permanent and installation. Dwellings can also be utilized for temporary housing as “transitional shelters” in disaster response.



Mineral concentrated organic farming is art form that is still being tested and proven on a large scale. We have created a food production system called Vortex Aquapaonics (VAP). This is a turn key system that for the home use or can be scale-able to large growing operations.

Using aquaponics (the use of fish water to fertilize plants) and mixing special minerals and vortex water systems, we are creating full spectrum mineral dense plants.


An overview of our sustainable and bio-friendly materials that we incorporate in our products.

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EVE: Events ~ Light weight fabrics: varying from plastics to fiber canvasses. Perfect for rapid assembly for events or temporary structures.


BIO: Biology ~ Translucent panels: varying from poly-carbonate plastics to double glaze windows. Perfect for greenhouses and automatic temperature controlled environments.


GEO: Geo-morphology ~ Rock Fiber or Solid Ceramic Stone Cement Panels: Great for a solid home with needs for insulation and meeting various living requirements.





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